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Lease-Finance offers assistance to the banking community in many ways: 


  • By offering  the opportunity to book earning assets originated by Lease-Finance.   On a case by case basis, the bank makes its own credit decision.  Our credit and structuring abilities have historically produced sound lease transactions for our banking partners.

  • By providing the bank a  leasing product when your customer or prospect requests a lease and the bank wishes to maintain the earning asset.  Lease-Finance will structure, document, and assign the lease contract to the bank.  We can handle all billing and associated sales/use tax functions for you.   This service enhances the bank's image as a "full service" lender.


Lease-Finance Serving Banks

Lease-Finance can also supplement your lending activities such that a  customer or prospect is not declined credit for needed equipment purchases, and you have the ability to protect your relationships from  competitors.   Assistance is provided to any customer or prospect that the bank cannot service for any reason including: 

  • A company and/or equipment that is located outside of your defined lending area.

  • In situations when the equipment is specialized or the bank is otherwise not comfortable with the collateral.

  • A customer  who is seeking working capital credit beyond the bank's comfort level, or where the bank feels uncomfortable with the current level of exposure. Lease-Finance can re-finance the equipment with the proceeds applied to pay down the borrower's total obligation. 

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