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The Office-Lease program provides creative lease alternatives to companies that are expanding or moving their offices. Equipment leased under this program include office furniture; telephones; computers, network and software; copiers; printers and fax machines.


Office-Lease provides equipment leases as well as term loans for terms ranging from 24 to 84 months. Leases can be written with a variety of purchase options to create operating flexibility, and enhance cash flow.  We can provide a payment plan to meet your most stringent budget. Our specialists can work with you to develop the proper financing that best accomplishes your goals.


Office-Lease has serviced furniture customers of W.B. Mason Company from Maine to New Jersey since 1985, and brings to the table access to credit markets to assure the best solution for any W.B. Mason customer in any circumstance.


Making Your Equipment Purchases Easier

The Office-Lease program can include any office equipment from vendors of your choice. If you are expanding or moving, this option can make life simpler and easy with only one lease line of credit to establish.

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